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Lawyer for Criminal Defense, Family Law, Firearms Rights, and More

When you need an experienced attorney in Christiansburg, VA, call Wade M. McNichols Attorney at Law. Our legal practice offers legal services to the region in criminal defense, family law, firearms rights restoration, and more. From traffic and DUI matters, to juvenile and family law, you need a strong attorney to protect your rights.

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Defense Attorney for Christiansburg and Surrounding Areas

Turn to Wade M. McNichols Attorney at Law for strong criminal defense on misdemeanor and felony charges. Misdemeanors might relate to DUI or traffic offenses, sex offenses, domestic violence, or self-defense, to name a few. Felony charges include, but are not limited to, drug offenses, search and seizure, and firearms violations.

Lawyer for Family Court Matters in Virginia

Protecting and upholding the rights of family members in court also requires effective representation. Call Wade M. McNichols Attorney at Law for domestic violence matters requiring a PFA order, divorce, custody, support, and modifications. Guardianship is another critical area of family law where you need a knowledgeable attorney.

Juvenile Court Attorney for Delinquency Charges and More

Young people across the region may face charges in juvenile court. Wade M. McNichols Attorney at Law defends the rights of juveniles facing delinquency charges, assault charges, and more. Turn to an experienced juvenile court attorney to uphold your child’s rights by calling our office today.

Attorney for Expungement and Firearms Rights Restoration Matters

Another area of Virginia law pertains to restoring the rights affected by the criminal justice system. After serving a sentence or reaching maturing, filing for expungement may clear past offenses. This process can provide restoration of such liberties as voting, firearms rights, and more. Consult with Wade M. McNichols Attorney at Law today for more information on these matters.

Lawyer Serving Blacksburg, Radford, and Surrounding Areas

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Wade M. McNichols Attorney at Law, and read our blog for more information on legal topics. Our firm’s service area includes Christiansburg, Blacksburg, Radford, and surrounding counties.

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