Attorney for DUI and Traffic Offenses
in Christiansburg, VA

Including Area Roadways Near Blacksburg, Radford, and More

Wade M. McNichols Attorney at Law Serves Southwestern Virginia

When you need a skilled defense attorney for DUI and traffic offenses in Christiansburg, VA, contact Wade M. McNichols Attorney at Law. Our firm serves the regional area that includes Blacksburg, Radford, and beyond. Specific types of traffic offenses may involve speeding, reckless driving, driving without a license, and more.

Driving under the influence (DUI) covers more than alcohol to include prescription drug impairment as well. For effective defense against these types of criminal charges call us today at (540) 251-3426. Consult with Wade M. McNichols Attorney at Law to protect your rights against DUI and traffic offenses.

DUI Defense Attorney and Underage DUI Lawyer in Virginia

Trust Wade M. McNichols for effective DUI defense. Drivers of any age may face DUI charges in Virginia. If troopers or police stop you for suspicion of driving under the influence, they must offer proof of the offense. If officers suspect drinking, they may use a breathalyzer or other instrument to measure impairment.

Underage DUI applies to drivers under age 21 with a blood alcohol content of .02 or higher.

For young drivers facing underage DUI offenses, it is important to mount a strong legal defense. Other DUI matters may involve prescription or over-the-counter substances. If arrested for DUI the court may require a blood sample to obtain blood alcohol levels as evidence. Discuss your DUI offense with attorney McNichols to know where you stand.

Traffic Offense Defense Lawyer for Blacksburg and Radford Drivers

Residents of nearby Blacksburg and Radford can turn to Wade M. McNichols Attorney at Law for traffic offenses. Get the defense and representation you need to fight charges in traffic court. Our firm serves Blacksburg and Radford drivers and others who seek to challenge traffic offenses throughout the area.

Area Defense Lawyer to Fight Speeding and Reckless Driving Charges

Defense against speeding and reckless driving charges is a regular legal service of our firm. Wade M. McNichols Attorney at Law offers an area defense lawyer who is familiar with challenging these types of traffic offenses. We know the local traffic courts and can advise clients on the best way forward. Call us today.

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Contact our firm when you need a defense attorney for criminal charges like DUI and traffic offenses. We also handle family law matters, drug charges, juvenile charges, expungement, and firearm rights restoration matters. We serve the cities of Christiansburg, Blacksburg, and Radford, in addition to Montgomery, Pulaski, Floyd, Wythe, Giles, and Bland counties.