Attorney for Juvenile Charges
in Christiansburg, VA

Wade M. McNichols Defends Young People Facing Criminal Charges

When you need an attorney for juvenile charges in Christiansburg, VA, call Wade M. McNichols Attorney at Law. Young people facing criminal charges in Virginia face a system designed to help. Yet the legal process is not always easy to navigate. Having an experienced attorney at your side can help young people and their families to uphold their rights. Call Wade M. McNichols Attorney at Law today at (540) 251-3426 for a consultation.

Experience with the Juvenile Justice System in Virginia

The Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) serves young people under age 18 charged with a crime. The juvenile system may involve both Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Courts. Other agencies and facilities also play their parts as part of the juvenile justice system.

The juvenile justice system focuses more on rehabilitating delinquent youth over punishment. An example of this is sentencing a juvenile to a counseling program designed to help them make better life choices. Before sentencing, though, there is much juvenile procedure to follow.

Strong Defense to Protect Your Rights on Juvenile Charges

Examples of crimes with juvenile charges are the same as those adults face. These can include underage drinking or DUI, shoplifting or theft, assault, and more. Any young person  facing serious misdemeanor and felony charges needs a strong defense to protect their rights. Rely on Wade M. McNichols in Christiansburg for services on juvenile matters throughout the region.

Underage Drinking or DUI in Blacksburg, VA

It is as common for law enforcement to apprehend youth who overindulge and get behind the wheel as it is for adults. Our firm helps young people in Blacksburg and surrounding areas get a second chance to learn from their mistakes. Having experienced counsel can help youth make positive changes rather than having those mistakes follow them into the future.

Juveniles without skilled underage DUI lawyer representation will face a mandatory minimum $500 fine or 50 hours of community service. The court may allow an offender a restricted driver’s license to work and school. There will also be a six-month driver’s license suspension and supervised probation.

Juvenile Misdemeanor and Felony Charges in Radford, VA

Young people charged with misdemeanors and felonies in Radford, VA, and surrounding areas need an experienced attorney. Call Wade M. McNichols Attorney at Law today to take immediate legal steps to protect his or her future. Consequences can impact a child’s life now and a charge on their record can block college admissions, scholarships, and jobs.

Experienced Lawyer to Advocate for Juvenile Offenders

Juvenile defense is an important service our firm provides to uphold the rights of those charged with crimes in Virginia. Depend on our help with criminal defense for DUI/traffic matters, family law, and drug charges. We can also help with expungement matters and restore firearms rights in Virginia.

Our firm serves Blacksburg, Radford, and Montgomery, Pulaski, Floyd, Wythe, Giles, and Bland county residents. You can read more on our blog about important legal topics. Contact Wade M. McNichols Attorney at Law when you need an attorney for juvenile charges in Christiansburg, VA.