Traffic Offenses and DUI
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Wade M. McNichols Attorney at Law Upholds Your Rights After DUI

Wade M. McNichols Attorney at Law works with clients facing traffic offenses and DUI in Pulaski, Dublin, and Draper, VA. We serve clients in Pulaski County and beyond with prompt, professional criminal defense. Seeking an attorney to uphold your rights after a DUI or other offense is crucial. Anything you say during the interaction with law enforcement can be held against you later.

Did you know that turning on the lights or adjusting the music while under the influence can count as DUI? Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol while operating a vehicle can land you with fines and jail time. Wade M. McNichols Attorney at Law assists residents of Pulaski, VA, and the surrounding areas with DUI matters and more. Call us at (540) 251-3426 for a consultation.

Traffic Offenses Can Cost You Thousands in Pulaski, VA

Traffic offenses, like speeding tickets, may not seem like much. However, these costs can quickly pile up if you are not careful. This could land you with large fines, loss of license, and even time in jail. Those with hefty speeding tickets and other traffic offenses may seek the help of an attorney. In some cases, the ticket or charge was not warranted. Wade M. McNichols Attorney at Law near Pulaski, VA, is here to help. He will listen to your situation and help to find the next steps. Instead of attempting to represent yourself in court, trust Attorney McNichols for strong criminal defense.

Know What to Expect After Reckless Driving in Draper, VA

Were you charged with reckless driving in the Draper, VA, area? Consult with Wade M. McNichols Attorney at Law. He has over 20 years of experience handling criminal matters in the state of Virginia. Reckless driving comes with great consequences that can affect your life. He will work to find evidence and testimony to get the best results for you. Attorney McNichols also handles juvenile charges for reckless driving, underage DUI, and more.

Trust Attorney McNichols for Strong Criminal Defense Near Dublin

When it comes to strong criminal defense near Dublin, VA, contact Wade M. McNichols Attorney at Law. Our law office in nearby Christiansburg works to protect and uphold the rights of our clients. Along with passionate criminal defense, Attorney McNichols also handles the following matters:

Speak with our experienced, compassionate attorney today for assistance with your legal matter in Pulaski County or the surrounding areas.

Trust Wade M. McNichols for representation after traffic offenses and DUI in Pulaski, Dublin, and Draper, VA.