Firearm Rights Restoration
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Wade M. McNichols Attorney at Law Helps to Restore Firearm Rights

Wade M. McNichols Attorney at Law offers firearm rights restoration for Radford, VA, and the surrounding areas. Losing rights to bear firearms can be frustrating and feel like an impediment on your freedoms. Those looking to restore their rights for any reason can reach out to Attorney McNichols. He has years of experience handling various legal matters in the Radford area, including firearm rights restoration. Call today at (540) 251-3426 for a consultation or to learn more about how to restore your rights.

Reasons Radford-Area Residents May Lose Firearm Rights

There are some reasons as to why residents of Radford and the surrounding areas will lose their firearm rights. One of the main reasons is that the person has a felony on their record. Those with felonies before had to give up their right to vote and to bear arms. However, updates in Virginia law allow those with felonies to reinstate their voting rights.

Have you completed jail time and parole? Turn to Wade M. McNichols, Attorney at Law to learn more about firearm rights restoration in Radford or the surrounding areas. He will work with you every step of the way.

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If you are ready to have your firearm rights restored in the Radford, VA, area, contact Attorney McNichols. He will fight for your rights to bear arms. It is a United State citizen’s right to own firearms for their own protection. Our law office near Radford, VA, is here to help you uphold your rights after a felony charge.

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Along with firearm rights restoration in Radford, VA, Attorney Wade M. McNichols Attorney at Law handles the following matters:

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