Felonies and Misdemeanors
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Wade M. McNichols handles felonies and misdemeanors in Pearisburg, Narrows, and Pembroke, VA, and the surrounding areas. Dealing with a felony or misdemeanor can be a scary and stressful process. Misdemeanors can end with hefty fines and potential jail time. This can also stain your criminal record, coming back to haunt you during job searches or other life events. If you are facing assault, DUI, or other misdemeanors in Giles County, count on Attorney McNichols. As a strong criminal defense lawyer serving the New River Valley, he is here to uphold your rights. Call today at (540) 251-3426 to schedule a consultation.

Felony Charges Can Change Your Life in Pearisburg, VA

When facing a felony charge, it is important to know what is at stake. Large fines, years in jail, and restriction of your rights are things that you may experience with a conviction. Some felony charges in Virginia include:

  • Assault
  • Sexual Assault
  • Abduction
  • Murder
  • Embezzlement
  • Arson

If you are facing any of these charges in Pearisburg, VA, or the surrounding areas, let Attorney Wade McNichols help. Make a call to our law office in nearby Christiansburg today.

Drug Crimes and DUI in the Narrows, VA, Area

Depending on the severity of the crime, the consequences may vary. Wade M. McNichols Attorney at Law handles many types of misdemeanors and felony charges, including drug crimes and DUI. Possession of drugs, underage drinking, and driving under the influence can land you with a misdemeanor or worse. Do not handle these matters alone – reach out to Attorney McNichols near Narrows, VA. He works with adults and minors to get the best results out of the case.

Contact Attorney McNichols for Legal Counsel Near Pembroke, VA

Contact Attorney McNichols today for expert legal counsel near Pembroke, VA. He handles a variety of legal matters, including:

Trust Wade M. McNichols Attorney at Law to handle felonies and misdemeanors in Pearisburg, Narrows, and Pembroke, VA.